Moongazing in awe

What a sight last night! Our sky was cloudless and the Moon could be seen so clearly…it was amazing to follow. The colors the Moon took on during the eclipse were a lovely orange-brownish-yellow-reddish…actually it’s quite difficult to describe that color.

Just wanted to drop a brief post today to let you know that I’ll be updating my blog with the posts of the past couple of days shortly. Right now, I have to go. There’s a project I need to have finished by tomorrow noon. But after that: it’s blogging time, folks!! ;o) So, stay tuned for my latest adventures…crises…happenings & doings and also for the exciting news so happily announced in my last post ;o)

I’ll see you over the week-end then & to bridge the waiting time here’s just a little shot of the moon I was able to catch last night…or should I rather say “this morning” (here the eclipse could be seen between ca. 2:50 – 6:00 AM)? *big smiles*

Would love to hear how you’ve experienced this lunar eclipse…



Wishing you all a lovely day today!


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