Playing Catch-Up

Hello again everyone! How have you all been lately? Between the 8th and today, things kinda went a little crazy over here…or should I say out of sync? So, just as promised, here my attempt to catch up with what’s been going on on this end of the world lately. Get yourself a cup of tea…yeah, okay, coffee is fine too today ;o) …sit back, relax and have fun reading, there are some nice links to sources of inspiration for you in there as well….enjoy and HAPPY Sunday evening!!!

About 10 days ago, my computer system caught some sort of virus/ malware/ trojan. The anti-virus software found some entries and took care of it, but -surprise, surprise – couldn’t get rid of everything. Whatever my pc caught, re-installed itself over and over and over and….can you guess?….over again – even after I had deleted that stuff.

Apparently, whatever it was had already re-written part of the registry key of my operating system. So…what next? Saving files and folders and getting rid of that little sucker by formatting (=deleting) the main drive….what? “Partitions”? What’s that? Never heard of that cutie before. ;o)

Ok, so off I go….trying to clean up the drive by formatting it in MS DOS. Luckily, MS DOS was still a basic knowledge way back when I stepped into the world of computers. Forgotten quite a bit in the meantime, but the main thing: MS DOS is still sort of familiar to me and *that* was really helpful here.

So, here I am…booting the computer anew to hop into MS DOS before the operating system can even boot up. Guess what I’m finding? NO WAY to do this! XP doesn’t have MS DOS anymore! Yes, you do have the MS Dos prompt within the operating system…but that didn’t help me. Help…HELP!

Ok, I’ll save you the detailed torture & moments of computer crisis I went through. Let’s keep a 6-day-adventure-story short: everything I tried turned into a dead end. For 6 long days, I have done almost nothing but trying to clean up the pc drive  to get this baby running safely and smoothly again — by pure chance, on day 5, I’m taking this application & support disc that came along with the package thinking there’s only little tools on there but, hey, give it a try anyway….so it’s booting from the cd rom drive, listing 4 options to choose from. #3…MS DOS prompts…. (You probably must have heard my song of joy around the world… ;o)

I did what I had to do, PC is working, OS is installed, main settings back on, anti-virus software running (learning to handle this is a chapter on its own since it’s pretty detailed and complicated…ha, anybody calling my name?)

Time to catch up with things left undone during those 6 days. In the past couple of days, I’ve travelled from the depths of computer programming (things I didn’t care to dip into in the first place) to the heights of the total lunar eclipse on Wed. As I wrote in my last post: it was an awesome sight, beyond words really. I’m so very happy that I’ve spontaneously decided to stay up and watch the eclipse.

Two days ago then, on Friday afternoon, I was almost out of it. After the eclipse and 3 hrs of sleep, I only added another late & long computer night and another early start on Friday as I needed to finish this project by noon. Due to all this computer trouble, I was not only behind in my schedule but also wasn’t sure I’d make the dead-line in the first place. Everything worked out though. The project got finished by 2pm, so that’s actually pretty cool.  So here I am, totally brain crazed (does such a word exist?) and drained and tired…and at the same wanting to get going and catching up with blogging and my artwork and crafting…I hardly know where to start.

(Deep breath….)

I ended up sorting pix for my blog and preparing the big blogging spree today *big smiles*

Notes from before everything went (computer) crazy

*** Out of Sync ***

Disturbing & scary as it is to see Mother Nature out of sync at this time of the year (mid-Feb), I just can’t help enjoying the sun and all this light! Two week-ends ago, we have had a terrifically beautiful, sunny mild week-end … so energizing, vitalizing, … so soaking it up having been busy with this latest little project of mine – a Valentine’s gift for someone who luuurves the seaside, the ocean & the coast – a small hand-bound notebook including sheets of 3 different colors, a handy double-sided little bookmark as well as pockets on the inside of the front flap:




Before I started, I only had a very rough idea about what I wanted to do. But once I had actually started, it was simply incredible, everything started flowing & coming together almost by itself. I even – unexpectedly – found a matching elastic blue band…so much for the synchronicity around here! *smiles*

The sun, warmth & natural light have been great motivators, too. Really happy with how it turned out. And what’s been your latest project you’ve actually finished? Oh, and btw, this is a question from someone who seems to be really good at WIPs (and procrastination, too) *hahahha* – considering *this*:





(P.S.: …and this is only a teeny tiny part of my WIPs…if you ever looked behind the scenes…whoohaaaa! ;o)))


*** Weird ***

Okay, I have to admit: everytime I blog or am about to blog a post – which admittedly has not been all thaaat often since I started – it still feels kind of weird to me, this „putting it and yourself out there“ to audience unknown & unseen. Maybe that is actually what keeps me from blogging more. Right now, for example, I’m feeling pretty ridiculous about writing this blog post and about sending it out into the world shortly. Humh, if you actually read this, you will know I decided against deleting it altogether. Don’t you worry, I’ll get over it…. I guess … *chuckle*

Is this getting better by & by, is this feeling eventually fading the more you post?  

What has been your experience in your early blogging steps and/ or your blooming blogging life?

Looking forward to your comments!


*** Fabric ***

Just a note on the side: I’m getting pretty obsessed with fabric and the idea of sowing lately & I don’t have the slightest clue where it’s coming from…I don’t even sow….not yet, I should probably say. Because I can definitely feel it coming. Friends are expecting their 2nd child in May. A perfect “excuse” for me to get into sewing.  I’ve come across some cute cloth baby shoes –  and Joanna of Stardustshoes is so incredibly sweet to share the sewing instructions (for personal use only!) here: 

(Thank you Joanna! So nice of you to share these with us!)

So, when (and if) I get around to try my hands on those shoes, I’ll share the outcome with you my lovely readers. Wish me luck! ;o)

What’s been your latest crafting/ art obsession?

Alright my dears. Time for a little break. Get yourself another cup, take a nap, get crafty and most of all: stay tuned. I’ll be back soon with more to share!



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