1 card in mind but 2 decided to be made…

Valentine’s Day

For a little watercolor greeting card for a very dear friend for Valentine’s, I tried my hands on this technique shared & demonstrated by
Helen Williams  in a video tutorial on her blog (Thank you for sharing this great idea, Helen!). Be sure to check it out because this technique is really fun to use! I’m sure to work more with this technique. And beyond that: Helen’s ideas and layouts are fresh and very inspiring let alone that reading her entries is fun in itself….so hop over and enjoy her blog!So, after I had finished the watercolor painting,


 I set out to do the card. As it turned out though, there was yet another, a different card “waiting” for me to “set it free” — I just let it flow…and this is the result of card #2 (which I actually finished first) 


And this is card #1 (which was supposed to be finished first but only made it 2nd) featuring my watercolor hearts


Both cards in unison:


Have a wonderful day everyone & happy crafting! ;o))


2 Responses to “1 card in mind but 2 decided to be made…”

  1. Anette Heiberg Says:

    These are beautiful! I love the colors.

    Thank you so much for the nice comment you left in my blog about my exhibition. It’s great to hear that my work inspires you. Keep up the creativity and stay in touch!

  2. HelenW Says:

    They both look beautiful, Nicole 🙂 Love the colours!

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