Greenbean baby art

 Just on time before Valentine’s day, I discovered Greenbeanbaby’s blog and Etsy shop and *this* lovely~wonderful tutorial incl. (!!!) a template of Ellia’s gorgeous, delicate, sweet paper art for personal use.
So, since the person to receive my
handbound notebook (remember?), is already familiar with *my* style, I figured why not try my hands on this template and share a wonderful find and some other artist’s work? I gathered my paper together and set to work….it was soooo much fun to do this. Ok, it was a looooooot of detailed and high concentration work to cut all these fine elements ….(deep breath)…and yet it is loads of fun and worth all the effort.

I’m realizing the picture isn’t really doing the real life colors justice….but instead of fiddling with adjustments, I’ll probably simply try to snatch another picture of the card soon. So, for now, the not-so-brillant-picture of an incredibly brillant artist’s template!


Be sure to check out her artwork – you will love it!


One Response to “Greenbean baby art”

  1. ellia Says:

    its beautiful!!!!i love your paper choices and her lil top… you did a perfect job and your blog post is all so sweet… thank YOU for the kind words and i am truly glad you enjoyed the tutorial…

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