Artist extraordinaire – CD Release “He’s My Cup”

Look what I received in the mail today: my dear & much loved friend David has just finished his new album and sent me a copy today. (Thank you so much, sweetie!!) Be sure to check out his website and music. David is not only a wonderful person & gorgeous friend, he is an extraordinary, highly gifted & awesome singer and artist with a voice that creeps under your skin. He is a joy to see perform live on stage…and he’s a pleasure to work with on top of it.

David, I’m so glad & happy our paths have crossed…you are an inspiration! Love ya much, David! *mwah!* May you always be able to follow your dreams. Keep on singing your song!

He’s My Cup??? …well, you, David, are definitely *my* cup! ;o)(How about a slice of ….. can you guess? YESSSSSSSSSSSS….chocolate cake to go with it? All I say is: *the* chocolate cake! *big smiles*)








One Response to “Artist extraordinaire – CD Release “He’s My Cup””

  1. David Whitley Says:

    I am speechless.
    You are awesome. Thank You so much for this. My goodness, the support is overwhelming.
    Thank You!!!!!!


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