Happy Easter Holidays!!

Good-bye Gilmore Girls….


Helloooo Gilmore Girls! Just as I was about to grab me a huge box of tissues on behalf of the last episode, I found that they are showing re-runs of former episodes – Yippieh-aye-yeah!
Week-daily – double yippieh-aye-yeah! *Hehehehe* That means I will still get my (now) daily dose of hilariousness, sass, fun & intelligent dialogues and …ahem….also my daily dose of …ahem…Scott Patterson…………..triple Yippieh-aye-yeah! Oooops, was that me saying this? *chuckle*

The weather is kinda crazy here…glimpses of sun alternate with rain, rain alternates with snow…yep: snow. So just the right weather for a wonderfully lazy pj day yesterday: some crafting, some computer work, watching the Pippi Longstocking movie on tv (…yes, I did, and I’m truly proud and happy about the fact that I still love her adventures to this day! ;o))), some reading, lots of tea. Lovely!

My crafting news: I have finally-finally-finally managed to take up work on my first felt brooches ever.

My first attempt was based on an original illustration of mine. Here you can see a print of it and the brooch side by side:


My 2nd brooch, based on another original illustration of mine:


Wing close-up:


3 variations on 1 illustration:


# 1: …a wip…still … ;o)

#2: two-faced butterfly ornament. 1 side pink. 1 side bright green. Size: about handsize

#3: my first butterfly felt brooch

I’m still experimenting with the different stitches, the effects I can achieve with them, and so on. One thing I have to say though: making these felt brooches is fun! I love it. And I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out, especially the butterfly. Right now, my 3rd brooch is in progress and calling my name pretty loud to get back to it. And more designs are lining up already…so, stay tuned.

Wishing you all lovely Easter holidays!


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