Felt Frenzy

Felt seems to be my latest passion ~ felt brooches to be exact. After the first experiments (see previous entries), they just kept pouring and I simply couldn’t seem to stop creating them. So, this is the result: 6 brooches altogether ~ so far. Because, actually, I’m already working on transferring more of my doodles into brooches.


So, okay, I guess you could call this my “felt phase”. Let’s see what comes next…drawing maybe…I have another little project up the sleeve and that involves drawing.

Cleaning out my “crafting area” which had developped in kind of a wild mess that displayed all sorts of materials for various artsy/ crafty techniques, see what crossed my way: some early attempts at …you’ve guessed it: felt crafting.


These 3 pieces date back to my school days, I must have been around 10 yrs or so and in fact, I still remember that I had been a little frustrated with those 3 pieces as they wouldn’t come out the way I wanted them to. …thinking back today, I’m wondering: was I maybe a tiny bit impatient??? *lol* Anyway, it was so funny to find these mini felt bags (yes, they actually open) right now while working on felt brooches (synchronicity….Hello!!)

Other news:

* You can now access a little Flickr gallery with my craftings and drawings for easier picture browsing. Hope you’ll enjoy! New photos will be added continually.

* A while ago, I sort of promised better photos of the cute card which is based on the template by the lovely Ellia of Greenbean Baby Art. You can now find better and more detail photos in my Flickr gallery



Well, since I want to finish some projects, I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures for today.


(Original illustrations…ahem: “doodles” & finished birdie/ bunny brooch.)

(Pretty close, don’t you think!?) 


Have a wonderful, sunny week full of yummy ice cream! ;o) 





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