A Study In Aqua

Wearing my favorite seashell-on-a-leather-cord necklace while working on my felt brooches and a mind unable to stop spinning, I got a little distracted with a new idea. And so the cat brooch was put to the side (yes, it is *still* waiting to be finished). I was simply too eager to have a go and try this first:

Necklace with a felt pendant on leather cords.

I didn’t want to have any metal parts on this necklace nor could I picture a regular loop as a way to attach the heart to the cord. So, thinking about a way of fixing the leather cords, I came up with a “tunnel” solution. Quite happy with the outcome of my prototype.

The necklace is currently being tested for wearableness (does such a word exist??? *lol*). It is very light, feels ever so soft …in fact, you hardly feel it at all… and is simply really comfortable to wear on bare skin. Well, hope I don’t find any flaws in its “wearableness” (…there! There it is again this wild word…)!
And below you see my newly finished apple brooch. Oh, and I’m also already planning and working on matching accessories to go with the necklace…*big smiles*

Have a happy & crisp Sunday!!




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