Spring clean-a-thon *** Clean your To-Do lists or become a sponsor!

Graphic © Greenbean Baby Art

Hi folks!

Lovely, inspiring Ellia of Greenbean Baby Art came up with an awesome idea to get stuff crossed off of our WIP and to-do-lists…you know, the kind of long overdue projects, the ideas that have been brewing in the back of our heads but haven’t seen any action yet, all the wip’s that are waiting to be finished “sometime”. Well, this “sometime” is NOW!

Go over to her blog to read the details, the hows and whens – registration deadline is THIS Sunday, 20th April. So hurry over…find out about the details and join in and either be the motivation force for someone else by sponsoring him/ her or get a boost of motivation out of it for finishing your own projects. It sounds like a lot of fun…and lots of exciting new contacts … and lots of creativity, motivation and inspiration.

I want to join in myself as a participant as well as sponsor but still need a sponsor and/ or someone I can sponsor. Anybody interested in being sponsored or in sponsoring me? Leave a comment or e-mail me!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

See you at the “Spring clean-a-thon”!



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