Clean-a-thon Finish Line


My finished felt jewelry set “Aqua Hearts”. 



 …and below my not (yet) finished project… sob! However, out of 47 messages and notes, I have managed to finish 37, with 10 still to do. I’m quite happy about this progress! Although I haven’t met the finish line with this project, I have gotten far enough to complete this project real soon, probably within the next week. So, that’s good.








Spring clean-a-thon summary:

out of 8 projects on my to do list, 5 are now completed, 2 are close to being completed and 1 has not even been touched.

I’m happy with my result…glad to have gotten stuff completed…feels real good…plus: I now have the motivation to keep on going. Of course, new stuff has already collected, but would be kinda boring if it hadn’t, hunh? *lol*

A HUGE thank you to Ellia for this wonderful idea…and for being a true inspiration in so many ways! Besides the completion of some projects, I have met some wonderful ladies through this challenge, which I have enjoyed very much. Congrats to all of us!

A special shout-out to Jen: for your lovely messages and your support! Wishing you much success for your wonderful shop, many more craft fairs & keep taking such gorgeous, inspiring pictures! ;o))

It’s late…and I’m tired, very tired…let me say “Good night” for now. Hope to be able to add a little more tomorrow.




2 Responses to “Clean-a-thon Finish Line”

  1. Jen Says:

    Woo hoo! Is it time to shop yet?!?! I want that cute little butterfly!!

  2. greembeanbaby Says:

    wow, soooo awesome!!! i emailed you the other day… i will be getting something from your shop within the next week or so once we get paid 🙂 big hugs and congrats!!!!!!!!!

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