I Am A Fairy, I Am A Fairy …


Ellia of Greenbeanbaby Art had such a lovely idea for her recent shop update: she named her items after people she knows! This is a wonderful idea & such a sweet gesture. I had the great pleasure to be the namesake for a cute little pink scrapbook fairy.  It’s an honor to be linked to her artwork in this unique way. Feels a little bit like being given an award ;o) 

And here is a screenshot I was able to snatch of the scrapbook before it sold … (click to see it larger):

Take a look at more pictures of the gorgeous Greenbeanbaby Art  goodies over at her Flickr album and you also may want to step over to take a look at her Etsy shop.

And with a funky little fairy dance and biggest, happiest rainbow smiles, I’m wishing all artsy fairies out there a most gorgeous day!! (…and, you know, all of us are artsy in some kind of way!!! Soooooo… )

Fairy Hugs from Nicky the Fairy …. *tee-heee*** ;o)



2 Responses to “I Am A Fairy, I Am A Fairy …”

  1. greenbeanbaby Says:

    hahaha so glad you liked it!!! and your felted foods are soooo cute!!!!! you know, i really like your illustrations! i was just browsing thru them again!! did you make the ones in the frame too [the belle and boo pix?] your work is really HAPPY 🙂 thx for linking me too! you are just the sweetest!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment Ellia! The Belle&Boo pictures are the work of British illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe…just follow the Belle&Boo link in my blogroll (right bar) to her blog …and from there you’re easily guided to her website as well as her Etsy shop. Be sure to take a look, I just love her work! ;o))

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