Summer Impressions



This little dude visited with me the other day. He ( … or she??? ) looked so fluffy & soft. I like how the sun lights the leaves from behind.

 * * * * *

Finally, I’ve gotten around to experiment a little with felt play food! Yay me! I was totally stunned and charmed when I first stumbled across felt play food a couple of months ago! That concept truly holds a lot of charm for me. And it happily coincides with my (still) current felt craze.  With the current heat wave paired with quite a high degree of humidity, some handcrafting felt like just the right thing to do. That, plus having kids the right age in my circle of family and friends (… and new babies coming, too! ;o), I figured preparing some handmade gifts was called for.  After all, I still need to work out the patterns. There’s is an awesome amount of inspiration to be found on the internet. However, in the end, I simply prefer developping my own stuff & patterns.

I was so into those food items over the week-end, I could hardly stop … even now, my hands are itching to get back to felt work.

Next step is to source some nice wool felt, preferrably dyed with natural dyes, especially when little kids hands are meant to play with that felt … or to wear it on their delicate skins.

* * * * *

Speaking of kids and new babies: I had been invited to a friend’s baby shower recently. Since I’m totally in love with items from Belle&Boo, it didn’t take long to decide on a gift: two little pictures titled “Freedom” and “Joy” which I framed, plus a matching button/ badge … with natural wooden frames hand-painted white and mounts cut by yours truly. ;o)

I just love “Freedom” (girl on the left) & “Joy” (girl on the right) together. They are great guiding mottos for the new baby’s journey here on Mama Earth.

Since I had a long train ride before me, the framed pictures needed to be wrapped & secured extra safely… and still look sort of nice & cute ;o)

 The gift wrapping in progress … many more colorful butterflies had been added after this pic had been taken ;o)The finished wrapping *did* look cute if I’m allowed to say so myself – so cute that my friend didn’t really want to open it at first.

* * * * *

Here’s another decorative idea for those sweet & fun butterflies …


Yes, this is my apartment door … and one thing I can tell you: all these color-full, cheery butterflies create a great & happy feeling when you walk through the door and kind of “shower” you with their rainbow magic (… exactly what was intended …)    *twinkling smiles”.

* * * * *

May butterfly magic accompany your every step, too!





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