Fall Craftiness










My first mitt — used to be a half-finished 2nd sock *ahem* but I ran out of that particular wool *double ahem*. And as the wool had been purchased some years ago and had been lying around for a while *triple ahem*, naturally I couldn’t re-stock it any more.

So I figured: just undo a few rows & finally knit some mitts for those loooong hours spent at the computer.  They are totally cosy and comfy. Now, all i have to do is, knit the second mitt (for which I will have to undo part of sock #1   ;o))








* * * * *

Red & white felt heart ornaments – can you tell that the X-mas season is ahead? This is a little sneak peek for some new items to be listed in my Etsy shop soon.











* * * * *









Little elf shoe based on the free pattern so sweetly & generously provided by Jenny B. Harris of AllSorts – thank you, Jenny! I was totally enchanted by these little elf shoes as soon as I lay my eyes on them.

There’s also an elf clog Flickr Group – go check it out. You will find some stunning designs for these little shoes.

 * * * * *









Another first mitt – knitting mitts can be addictive, just like knitting comfy socks.

* * * * *

And as if I weren’t already doing enough various crafting techniques as it is, now I have dipped my toes into wet felting as well. I want to sew felt items like baby shoes etc. and simply prefer using pure wool felt for the little ones’ skin. Trouble was: I couldn’t find any wool felt sheets locally. So …. deep sigh … give me some wool and let me felt my own felt rectangles… Below you see my very first attempt (the orange one) and the second attempt on the left.










One ball is wet felted, one is needle felted  – can you guess which one is which? * smiles*







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