Going hairclip crazy …

… or how do you call staying up till 3:30 am … YES! A – M! to finish a new hairclip dressed in embroidered felt, drop dead tired, eyes squinting now and then, the occasional yawn of course, pausing & musing about whether to call it quits now, and then continuing and even undoing stitches if you’re not really happy with their position … simply because you just can’t seem to be able to stop? Yep, definitely weird, I know! ;o)) *Especially*, when there’s no dead-line that needs to be met with this …. aarrrghhhh! It was lots of fun though.
And I got to experimenting some more with a for me new stitch as I have only started using the lazy daisy stitch recently. And I have to say, I quite enjoy using this stitch! So here the result of my late-late crafting night (which very likely is not going to be the last loooong night *smiles*):

And what can keep *YOU* up till the wee morning hours?
Happy & relaxing Saturday!


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