Sunday Gratitude: Sacred Circle

This morning, I am deeply grateful for a special circle of people ~ friends ~ fellow souls ~ soul mates that I have the big honor and pleasure to be a part of. This circle has become a very important part of and in my life.

Each and every single one of these beautiful souls is a shining light to me!

They lead by simply being who they are ~ and by their courage and willingness to become even more of who they are, by fully growing into and filling out this gorgeous * beautiful * radiant being they are. They guide by allowing themselves the courage to explore new experiences, new sensations, to move up, above and beyond into new realms of existence.
These souls lead, carry and support.
They comfort, motivate, challenge.
They have the guts to meet and sit with their emotions, patterns of behaviour, their past, to re-encounter past negative (sometimes traumatic) experiences, to question them, to question themselves and to reconcile with what has been and with themselves, too.
They are willing to share their thoughts, their dreams, their fears, their anxieties, their hopes, their visions.
They spread joy and fun.
They allow themselves to giggle, to laugh and they let their tears flow if they feel like it.
They give freely in so many incredible ways. These souls radiate so much support, understanding and loving warmth … that I’m always amazed how lucky I’ve been … how lucky I *AM* to have met these special beings.
To be in this circle feels cozy and comfy. Being given the room to speak or to be quiet. Having the right to talk and the right (and joy!) to listen with your every fibre. To see and feel in which ways we connect with each other, how things fall into place sometimes, to receive the impulses that you’ve been craving so badly unexpectedly, to observe the wonderful weave we are creating, the net we are weaving.
This circle has the ability to carry one another, it is there for you but it doesn’t take from you. It gives in abundance, yet it doesn’t expect nor demand anything … it gives you time and space, a sacred room to simply *BE*.
I’m feeling deeply grateful and touched by all that we share, by the richness and abundance, by the sacred circle we’ve become, by the beauty that we *are* and by the wonderful energies we conjure up together.

I carry all and each and every one of you in my heart! It is my deep wish and hope that one day, I may return something of that which all of you are giving me!

With all the magic sparkles of my soul, I THANK *YOU*!

Alle meine Verwandten!
Mitakuye Oyasin!


One Response to “Sunday Gratitude: Sacred Circle”

  1. Goddess Leonie Says:

    HO to this 🙂
    Sacred circles are such a deep blessing!
    With love & light,

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