New venture



Earlier this year, nudged by a wonderful & inspiring friend who sells precious stones of a beauty-full quality and who is also creating necklaces with them, I started dipping my toes into jewelry crafting, making earrings out of said precious stones & Sterling silver. This sneak peek collection shows the first results ~ with many more to come shortly.
Currently, I’m finishing up a custom order of 3 pairs. I’m also giving wire wrapping a try … so far, I’m loving playing around with all those different shapes, sizes, and color combos and on top of that those stones are just awesome!  Totally enjoying the whole process.

Shhhhht: I’ve just received some wonderrrrrrrrrrrr-full earwires…and I’m totally excited to put them to use (read: “creative day coming soon”). ;o)

At first, my earring creations were meant to be presented at local craft fairs only. Now however… hmmm … I think, they may just be taking center stage in my Etsy shop as well … I’ll think about it some more and will keep you in the loop.

Until then, I’m busy updating my shop, which has been in vacation mode for a while now. Taking photos of my new felt accessories, deciding which of my crafty treasures shall make it to the shop, organizing the lot, writing the descriptions, and so on is keeping me on my toes as well as working on new creations at the same time…did anyone say “multi-tasking”? … hahhaha … ;o)


Have a lush & rich Wednesday!



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