Open again!


Hello, lovely souls!

After having been in vacation mode for quite some time, my Etsy nook is finally OPEN again since earlier this month and the re-opening is still in full swing! Yay ;o)) 

Among some familiar items, lovely new ornaments & hair clips have been listed so far and more new preciousness (felt brooches, and most likely gemstone earrings, as well – see previous post) will be added to the shop by and by … so be sure to stop by once in a while to stay up to date.

Here’s some eye-candy for you … if you like to see more: come on over and visit me in my Etsy boutique, take a seat, have a cuppa tea and let’s chitchat for a mo’.  ;o) 



More Christmas goodies ….



One Response to “Open again!”

  1. Tammie Says:

    It is wonderful to see all your new creations, I will go and check it all out. Wishing you all the success you wish for.

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