High Time …


… to catch up with my blog posts. ;o) So much has been and still is going on – in a very good way – lots & lots of new creations, and even many more ideas, …

Recently, I put together new mosaics of my creations to take with me to fairs and to have  some sort of portfolio. Finally, once the mosaics were done, I leaned back looking at them and was actually a little overwhelmed when I realized how many items I have already made. Taken one by one, it always looks a little thin, taken all of them together however, … wow! I’ll be sharing pix with you shortly, as well as news & novelties.

News will include:

* “Sneak Attack” on my shop last night ;o)

* preparing for being a featured guest seller in a mortar-and-brick shop for a full 4 weeks soon

* novelties

* ideas, wips, plans, new designs

* switching over to 100% wool felt

* blog make-over

* … and I’m sure, there’s yet going to be more  ;o)

So, please, stay tuned! I’m aiming at catching up over the next week.  Until then: have a happy week-end, enjoy the first rays of spring sun & I’m looking forward of hooking up with you all again.

Happy smiles & sunny cheers,


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