Goddess Circle is now open!

 Hello Lovelies & Goddesses all around the world,

* ever heard of Goddess Leonie?
* the colorful Creative Goddess e-Course?
* the beaming Radiant Goddess e-Course?
* the sacred Goddess Haven e-Course?
* the inspiring Goddess Year Workbook?
* the sparkling Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation kit?
* the Releasing Fears Meditation kit?
* the Divine Dreaming Meditation kit?


 * ever heard of “when women circle, miracles happen”?

They do, they most certainly do! And Goddess Leonie has just thrown in an absolutely and divinely gorgeous gift to all Goddesses out there: access to all of the above courses and materials, plus new materials to be released over the next year ~ for Goddesses to enjoy and share in a magic & sacred Goddess circle for 1 year…

Would you like to find out more about the courses and meditations?
Head on over here:

Goddess Circle at Goddess Guidebook by Goddess Leonie.

Enjoy … and maybe I’ll see you there in this lovingly & sacredly held space!

Rainbow Hugs & Butterfly Kisses,



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