Right-Ho …

Admittedly, it’s been a while … ok, a looong while. Yet, the important thing: here I am. I’m back.

And with me being back, this blog will be undergoing some re-vamping, some new looks and some adjustments over the next couple of weeks … by and by, just as time allows.

So, don’t be irritated (unless you want to, of course ;o) by changing layouts as I’m playing around a little.

I have lots to share … which I’m very excited about to do, to see it come alive and at the same time, it also feels a little awkward. Sharing also means putting myself out there … not only finding my voice but also using it (how about that now?) … making myself visible … taking *gulp* center-stage.

What is this blog all about, you may be asking. I thought about it quite a bit. I thought I would *have* to focus on one thing to make it attractive. And guess what: I found that I don’t like that idea. I don’t know yet where all this will lead, and that’s the fun part of it. I’ll go where the flow takes me. I want it to be a bright, happy, color-full puzzle of bits and pieces, a “crazy quilt” of life’s adventures and facettes, if you will …

… okay, rewind and ask me again: “What is this blog all about? What do you focus on?”

I just found the answer to that:

“Life.” … no, wait, make it capital letters and give it some space: L I F E.

I don’t want this blog to be anything less than that. Full of LIFE. Full of life’s adventures and facettes, small and big, odd bits and random ramblings, whatever strikes me as exciting, awesome, wondrous, strange, inspiring … Want to come along and join me for this ride?

Come on board then … ;o)
Happy Cheers for a great week-end!

PS: Wonder how the “Right-Ho” slipped in here? Just been into P.G. Wodehouse‘s Wooster and Jeeves stories … hilarious!


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