Recycling, Upcycling & Being Unique: A Collection of Handbound Notebooks

By and by, I have added the first few handbound notebooks to my Etsy shop over these past two weeks.

Here some photos of the ones already listed with many more to come shortly! There will also be some new felt accessories available.


And all these lovely and colorful food packaging boxes? Some of them are simply too cute to be thrown away … here’s to recycling,  upcycling and being unique … all the way … even down to your notebooks ;o) 


Happy August everyone.

Cheerful & happily sparkling Rainbow Blessings,

Nicole xoxo


High Time …


… to catch up with my blog posts. ;o) So much has been and still is going on – in a very good way – lots & lots of new creations, and even many more ideas, …

Recently, I put together new mosaics of my creations to take with me to fairs and to have  some sort of portfolio. Finally, once the mosaics were done, I leaned back looking at them and was actually a little overwhelmed when I realized how many items I have already made. Taken one by one, it always looks a little thin, taken all of them together however, … wow! I’ll be sharing pix with you shortly, as well as news & novelties.

News will include:

* “Sneak Attack” on my shop last night ;o)

* preparing for being a featured guest seller in a mortar-and-brick shop for a full 4 weeks soon

* novelties

* ideas, wips, plans, new designs

* switching over to 100% wool felt

* blog make-over

* … and I’m sure, there’s yet going to be more  ;o)

So, please, stay tuned! I’m aiming at catching up over the next week.  Until then: have a happy week-end, enjoy the first rays of spring sun & I’m looking forward of hooking up with you all again.

Happy smiles & sunny cheers,

White Christmas


Woke up this morning to find a message in my in-box telling me that my newly listed “Heart Melting Heart” felt ornament is featured in FashionTouch‘s absolutely lovely “White Christmas” treasury. Be sure to check out all those stunning items and the great shops – the treasury can be visited till Sunday, 15 November. Enjoy!!!



Quick interlude: News in bits & pieces


* My new Christmas collection is currently making its way into my shop:


 White & soft blue


… with more new creations to be added by and by.


* Commitment to Mother Earth: for each of my sold creations, € (Euro) 1 will go towards a good cause that nurtures and takes care of our Mother Earth. I’m still looking into a few possible projects here. The final choice of project will be announced as soon as I’ve made my decision.

Thank you for whatever little things or big things YOU are doing to support, care for, love, heal and be attentive towards our Earth Mother! We’re all in this together, so thank you! 


* Treasury “The Glow of Snow”: Over the week-end, while I was away, my Snowy Felt Tree Ornament was chosen for the lovely Strawberryona‘s beautiful and snowy treasury. The treasury has already expired. However, I did get a chance to snatch a screen shot of this beautiful, soothing collection. Isn’t is  just beauty-full? Thank you Strawberryona!



* WeeFolkArt (full with stunning craftiness!) is hosting a Support Handmade Holidays Directory this year. Head on over to check out their growing list of entries and discover crafty new products and shops for you. And if you’re running your own crafty shop: you may want to try to get it listed, too. Awesome opportunity to be found and seen. Happy season to you all!


Selected Felt Hair Clips + A Necklace Pendant




TOP: This is a most beautiful & soft, two-sided heart necklace I made for a young girl (age group 10 – 14 yrs) in beautiful shades of dark red and purple felt. The heart pendant has been ever so lightly filled with cotton wool for extra shaping.
Designed, embroidered and sewn together by yours truly ;o)

* * * * * * *

BELOW: A mosaic of some of the felt hairclips I have designed, embroidered and sewn together – plus a matching ponytail holder for one of the sets (top right) – since I’ve first experimented with felt hair clips past October.  You can see more designs in the previous post – or come and visit me in my Etsy store.


New designs are being worked on and will be added continually.


All designs © 2008 – 2009 Nicole Passeier.

Open again!


Hello, lovely souls!

After having been in vacation mode for quite some time, my Etsy nook is finally OPEN again since earlier this month and the re-opening is still in full swing! Yay ;o)) 

Among some familiar items, lovely new ornaments & hair clips have been listed so far and more new preciousness (felt brooches, and most likely gemstone earrings, as well – see previous post) will be added to the shop by and by … so be sure to stop by once in a while to stay up to date.

Here’s some eye-candy for you … if you like to see more: come on over and visit me in my Etsy boutique, take a seat, have a cuppa tea and let’s chitchat for a mo’.  ;o) 



More Christmas goodies ….


New venture



Earlier this year, nudged by a wonderful & inspiring friend who sells precious stones of a beauty-full quality and who is also creating necklaces with them, I started dipping my toes into jewelry crafting, making earrings out of said precious stones & Sterling silver. This sneak peek collection shows the first results ~ with many more to come shortly.
Currently, I’m finishing up a custom order of 3 pairs. I’m also giving wire wrapping a try … so far, I’m loving playing around with all those different shapes, sizes, and color combos and on top of that those stones are just awesome!  Totally enjoying the whole process.

Shhhhht: I’ve just received some wonderrrrrrrrrrrr-full earwires…and I’m totally excited to put them to use (read: “creative day coming soon”). ;o)

At first, my earring creations were meant to be presented at local craft fairs only. Now however… hmmm … I think, they may just be taking center stage in my Etsy shop as well … I’ll think about it some more and will keep you in the loop.

Until then, I’m busy updating my shop, which has been in vacation mode for a while now. Taking photos of my new felt accessories, deciding which of my crafty treasures shall make it to the shop, organizing the lot, writing the descriptions, and so on is keeping me on my toes as well as working on new creations at the same time…did anyone say “multi-tasking”? … hahhaha … ;o)


Have a lush & rich Wednesday!