Okay folks, I have to admit: I’m quite a bit excited!

Last week, I received my copy of this brandnew book here … 

  … aaaaaaaand??? One of the articles is accompanied by some of my illustrations!

Double & triple woohoos … feels awesome to be published – and it’s a premier, too! ;o)) 



PS: For those wondering what the book is about: it’s a book on therapeutic play (“play therapy”) as a means in remedial teaching/ therapeutic pedagogy.






…. would you believe it, photos of my baby shower gift (see post below) are gaining international recognition … well, sort of ;o)
They are mentioned … * blushing * … on Belle&Boo’s blog – wooohoooooo, how awesome is that! ;o))))

Go check it out!

Thank you so much, Mandy, for posting my photos & your kind words on your blog!


Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week so far! 



Happy Easter Holidays!!

Good-bye Gilmore Girls….


Helloooo Gilmore Girls! Just as I was about to grab me a huge box of tissues on behalf of the last episode, I found that they are showing re-runs of former episodes – Yippieh-aye-yeah!
Week-daily – double yippieh-aye-yeah! *Hehehehe* That means I will still get my (now) daily dose of hilariousness, sass, fun & intelligent dialogues and …ahem….also my daily dose of …ahem…Scott Patterson…………..triple Yippieh-aye-yeah! Oooops, was that me saying this? *chuckle*

The weather is kinda crazy here…glimpses of sun alternate with rain, rain alternates with snow…yep: snow. So just the right weather for a wonderfully lazy pj day yesterday: some crafting, some computer work, watching the Pippi Longstocking movie on tv (…yes, I did, and I’m truly proud and happy about the fact that I still love her adventures to this day! ;o))), some reading, lots of tea. Lovely!

My crafting news: I have finally-finally-finally managed to take up work on my first felt brooches ever.

My first attempt was based on an original illustration of mine. Here you can see a print of it and the brooch side by side:


My 2nd brooch, based on another original illustration of mine:


Wing close-up:


3 variations on 1 illustration:


# 1: …a wip…still … ;o)

#2: two-faced butterfly ornament. 1 side pink. 1 side bright green. Size: about handsize

#3: my first butterfly felt brooch

I’m still experimenting with the different stitches, the effects I can achieve with them, and so on. One thing I have to say though: making these felt brooches is fun! I love it. And I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out, especially the butterfly. Right now, my 3rd brooch is in progress and calling my name pretty loud to get back to it. And more designs are lining up already…so, stay tuned.

Wishing you all lovely Easter holidays!

New tags in town

Hello! Hope you all had a gorgeous week-end, are doing well & that all of you made it through the storm alright that’s been hitting Europe yesterday. To cheer you all up with some bright, happy colors after the storm, here a shot of my new happy~stripey~springy gift tags.


And here …. shhhhhhh….is another …..shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..little preview snippet…but don’t tell anyone, ok! ;o)


More to come soon ~ until then: cheerio, stay happy & have a lovely evening!

Play more!

Not much to report today. Thursday night, I took it easy & relaxed with 2 Gordon Ramsey episodes and recharged some energy for a productive day yesterday. Got quite a bit accomplished. I’m also currently working on some happy~stripey~springy gift tags featuring my little gnome. Sneak peeks to follow soon.

Wishing you a joyful, sunny week-end full of play!

The Blahs are in ‘da house today…

Had such a lovely day yesterday, and it was sunny on top of that. But today…. blah! No idea why. Something just feels at odds – out of sync – unbalanced —hrmph. Don’t like when that happens. Could also be tomorrow’s new moon influence. Anyway, instead of going all whiney on you, I’m leaving you with two of my little magic sketches “Ma clairvoyante” & “Musing Magician”. Let’s see what I’m going to turn these ones into… *knowing smiles*.

Hope you’re all having a much brighter day today!!!


Happy & Peaceful Holidays ya’ all!