Ch-ch-ch-changes …

Just a little reminder that this blog is currently undergoing some ch-ch-ch-changes ;o)

There’ll be some re-vamping, some tweaking, some new looks and some adjustments over the next couple of weeks … by and by, just as time allows.

So, don’t be irritated (unless you want to, of course ;o) by changing layouts as I’m playing around a little.

Wishing you a radiant week-end full of magic!



Right-Ho …

Admittedly, it’s been a while … ok, a looong while. Yet, the important thing: here I am. I’m back.

And with me being back, this blog will be undergoing some re-vamping, some new looks and some adjustments over the next couple of weeks … by and by, just as time allows.

So, don’t be irritated (unless you want to, of course ;o) by changing layouts as I’m playing around a little.

I have lots to share … which I’m very excited about to do, to see it come alive and at the same time, it also feels a little awkward. Sharing also means putting myself out there … not only finding my voice but also using it (how about that now?) … making myself visible … taking *gulp* center-stage.

What is this blog all about, you may be asking. I thought about it quite a bit. I thought I would *have* to focus on one thing to make it attractive. And guess what: I found that I don’t like that idea. I don’t know yet where all this will lead, and that’s the fun part of it. I’ll go where the flow takes me. I want it to be a bright, happy, color-full puzzle of bits and pieces, a “crazy quilt” of life’s adventures and facettes, if you will …

… okay, rewind and ask me again: “What is this blog all about? What do you focus on?”

I just found the answer to that:

“Life.” … no, wait, make it capital letters and give it some space: L I F E.

I don’t want this blog to be anything less than that. Full of LIFE. Full of life’s adventures and facettes, small and big, odd bits and random ramblings, whatever strikes me as exciting, awesome, wondrous, strange, inspiring … Want to come along and join me for this ride?

Come on board then … ;o)
Happy Cheers for a great week-end!

PS: Wonder how the “Right-Ho” slipped in here? Just been into P.G. Wodehouse‘s Wooster and Jeeves stories … hilarious!

Happy Summer everyone … and “Hello again”!



Yes, yes, I am still here ;o))

Wow, can hardly believe it’s been almost 7 months since I’ve last posted here….wheeewww! It has been an A*W*E*S*O*M*E 7 months for me. Lots of wonderful things happened, beautiful & sacred experiences, many-many-maaaaaaaaaaany magical experiences, lots of fun, joy, laughter, smiles, emotions, sensations, lessons, encounters, … inspirations, quite a number of first times, gifts that have flown into my life in a stunning way …. you name it.

How has YOUR first half of this awesomely wondrous year been?

What have you done ~ seen ~ lived ~ experienced that you’d like to share here?


Enjoy a wonder-full summer!
Love & Hx,



Oh oh – I’ve been tagged!

I have just been “tagged” by the lovely Jen. Oh, oh. ;o)

The tagging rules & the people I want to tag will follow a bit later today … and I will have to come up with a few facts about moi, too… ;o)

Thanks, Jen, for including me in your tagging list. I think this will be fun!

See ya later!

Summer Impressions



This little dude visited with me the other day. He ( … or she??? ) looked so fluffy & soft. I like how the sun lights the leaves from behind.

 * * * * *

Finally, I’ve gotten around to experiment a little with felt play food! Yay me! I was totally stunned and charmed when I first stumbled across felt play food a couple of months ago! That concept truly holds a lot of charm for me. And it happily coincides with my (still) current felt craze.  With the current heat wave paired with quite a high degree of humidity, some handcrafting felt like just the right thing to do. That, plus having kids the right age in my circle of family and friends (… and new babies coming, too! ;o), I figured preparing some handmade gifts was called for.  After all, I still need to work out the patterns. There’s is an awesome amount of inspiration to be found on the internet. However, in the end, I simply prefer developping my own stuff & patterns.

I was so into those food items over the week-end, I could hardly stop … even now, my hands are itching to get back to felt work.

Next step is to source some nice wool felt, preferrably dyed with natural dyes, especially when little kids hands are meant to play with that felt … or to wear it on their delicate skins.

* * * * *

Speaking of kids and new babies: I had been invited to a friend’s baby shower recently. Since I’m totally in love with items from Belle&Boo, it didn’t take long to decide on a gift: two little pictures titled “Freedom” and “Joy” which I framed, plus a matching button/ badge … with natural wooden frames hand-painted white and mounts cut by yours truly. ;o)

I just love “Freedom” (girl on the left) & “Joy” (girl on the right) together. They are great guiding mottos for the new baby’s journey here on Mama Earth.

Since I had a long train ride before me, the framed pictures needed to be wrapped & secured extra safely… and still look sort of nice & cute ;o)

 The gift wrapping in progress … many more colorful butterflies had been added after this pic had been taken ;o)The finished wrapping *did* look cute if I’m allowed to say so myself – so cute that my friend didn’t really want to open it at first.

* * * * *

Here’s another decorative idea for those sweet & fun butterflies …


Yes, this is my apartment door … and one thing I can tell you: all these color-full, cheery butterflies create a great & happy feeling when you walk through the door and kind of “shower” you with their rainbow magic (… exactly what was intended …)    *twinkling smiles”.

* * * * *

May butterfly magic accompany your every step, too!




A special birthday!

Happy 90th Birthday,
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela!



Let’s start cleaning…

Phewwwww…all of a sudden, things became a tiny bit busy around here these past few days. But finally, here my update on the spring clean-a-thon hosted by inspiring Ellia of Greenbean Baby Art.

I have found 2 (…2??? Yes, indeed, 2!!!! *big-big-thank-you-smiles*) gorgeous sponsors: Ellia and Jen. So, it is now official: I am a

I’m particularly happy that besides participating, I also get the chance to sponsor someone else, too: Jen.

I am totally excited about this project…yes, I know I keep repeating myself, but fact is: I am so happy to be part of this wonderful project.

More recent news: I just finished working out a nice packaging for my recent gift tags…looks lovely, doesn’t it?

Other than that, I have another interesting project cooking up…may be able to write more about it soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me please! ;o) Hummmmh…actually, it’s several cool things going on & developing here. Still in the brainstorming and planning phase….but it sure is exciting. Add some wonderful sunshine, quite a bit of inspiration coming my way…wowwww!!! This is so awesome!!! Lovin’ it ;o))

So, tell me, what good things are happening on your end lately? Love to hear from you!

And to all participants & sponsors of the Spring clean-a-thon: wishing all of us a wonderful and inspiring time, lots of lovely new contacts, awesome ideas, and most of all: lots of finished projects!!! Cheers and I’m already so looking forward to seeing the first pictures of some finishes projects….wooohooo!

Alright folks…hope you’re all having a most lovely day today!!! C U soon!